Our brand story

In 2019 we had a brand refresh.  We put a lot a thought into it, with the colours and style chosen to permeate across all our marketing and work, even down to the pen colours we use in our CAD drawing software, ArchiCAD.

Architectural colours

Inspiration came from the Architectural Polychromy by Le Corbusier, developed between 1931 and 1959 for the Swiss company Salubra.  An architectural palette of 43 shades in his colour keyboard of 1931, with the addition of 20 vibrant shades in his later colour keyboard of 1959, however it is the original 1931 palette of muted shades on which we focus.

A lasting legacy

Click on his logo opposite to find out more about the 20th Century architect, Le Corbusier, and the legacy that sees his colour palette still used by companies today to make products under licence, as his work continues to have considerable influence and relevance.

Perfect inspiration

The colours were carefully considered by Le Corbusier to combine harmoniously, whilst giving every living space a very personal and timeless aesthetic at the same time.  It is this careful consideration that we bring to our work every day and why it made the Architectural Polychromy the perfect inspiration for our brand refresh.

Our philosophy

Find out how our define, design, deliver philosophy both informs and influences our work.

Below we showcase some Le Corbusier quotes with images from their website which helped inspire our branding refresh.