What we do

We bring to life buildings that their users love.  How?

We create bespoke solutions based on years of expert knowledge and attention to detail.  Above all else, our buildings and spaces work for our Clients.

We specialise in architectural design and project management, so we can manage and lead the way  in  any  or  all  of  the  process steps, depending on

what you need, because we've over 40 years' experience of the best way to deliver on time, on brief and on budget. 

From the initial brief to the completed building and beyond, we define, design and deliver commercial buildings that put function, and therefore end users, first.

Following our three step process ensures project success.

Here's how we do it . . .


Maybe you know what your business needs, but not how to define it?  Perhaps you just don't have the time?  Maybe you need more space for your business?  Maybe you need to make the space you've got work more effectively?

Maybe you need to talk to us to help define your project.

We'll sit down with you until we understand precisely what you need and why; the people, the processes and the space they will require; along with the business case behind it.  We'll take all that to define a watertight brief with clear objectives, roles and outcomes.

It's why our define work is so crucial and why clients return to us again and again.  Quite simply, we make sure we can get it right at the start, by making absolutely sure we know exactly what you want, before we move on to the next phase.


What is the purpose of the space?  What happens inside and out, and how can we use good architectural design to make a difference?  What are the project-specific constraints or regulatory standards?  

These are the questions we ask in order to achieve good design.

By allowing the function to inform the plans from concept through to technical design, we end up with bespoke spaces and buildings that work for all who use them.  However, Constructability is vital to us too; ensuring issues relating to construction are designed out before the project gets on site, through the integration of our extensive construction knowledge and experience.

We make sure everything we design works - and looks good.  In that order.  That's why we always start with the nuts and bolts of what happens in a building, because we understand that a building has to work for the people who use it, whether that's workers in high end advanced manufacturing processes or maybe staff and customers in a care home, leisure facility or hotel.


This could just be to deliver of a concept design and planning consent for a building project.  It could be provision of fully detailed design and project management services from start to finish or even us leading a hand-picked construction team on-site.  

Whatever it is you come to us for, however we work with you, we deliver.

It's not always a linear pathway to the finish line, as every project is different.  We have developed our own Work Plan templates, based on the traditional RIBA Plan of Work.  We use them on all our projects and they form the foundation of our methodolgy.  We can flex our deliver phase to fit what you and your project need.


Need help?

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